Fun, Lightning talk and BoF at Akademy :)

It was an awesome trip to Akademy 2012. Had lots of fun during travelling as well as at Akademy. The fun started early on when I started meeting fellow contributors at Helsinki airport during transit. Call it the KBus – we all came together in  bus from airport to the pre-registration event 😀


Next day, we had keynote, talks and GSoC student lightning talks. Even I gave a lightning talk on Plasma Media Center (PMC) which included brief overview of PMC features and future work. Thanks to Lydia and fellow contributors who helped me in giving the presentation.


I was happy that people liked the PMC work and wanted to help in its improvement in different ways. Interest got reflected during the PMC BoF which was held on Thursday. With the ideas and suggestion from the participants, various improvement have been identified in PMC. Here’s few snapshots showing the outcome:-


Looking forward to implement all the suggestions I got provided. I have updated the summary of PMC BoF on wiki page too.

I still need more feedback and suggestion. Your suggestion will lead PMC to perfection and more usable by common people. So, if you have any kind of suggestion related to PMC , put it here. I will be the most happiest person to implement it.



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