Yay! First trip to Akademy

Yay! I am going to Akademy

I am so happy and excited since this is the first time I am going to Akademy. Eager to meet all people from the KDE community, after meeting them for the first time during conf.kde.in .

Akademy gives you the chance to get together with all people, share ideas, have fun and lot more. There will be so many talks by different people who will talk about different KDE projects and It will also have BoF and workshop. Anyone who wants to learn QML should attend QtQuick 2 workshop. If anyone is interested and wants to know in detail about any particular project, Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs) is the right place. If thats not enough for you, there will be hacking room too.

This time there will be 2 hours BoF on Plasma Media Center too on thursday. I know many people are interested in this project and wanted to help in its development by code or feedback. So, please come to the BoF of PMC and see live demo. We need YOU!

Thanks to the KDE eV to provide me the sponsorship for travel and accommodation. Looking forward to meet all of you 😀



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