KDE Meetup 2013

Hi all!

Last week, I attended KDE Meetup held in DA-IICT college. It was much more better than what I expected. Everything went so well from start till end.

Day 1 (23rd Feb 2013)

I reached venue in morning around 9:30 am, registration was still going on. It was quite amazing to see more than 300 people who came to attend this KDE meetup.
After opening ceremony, Pradeepto Bhattacharya gave talk on Introduction to KDE, where he spoke on why, how, who should contribute to KDE and other general KDE stuff. People were so  interested and asked so many questions during his talk.

Later, Vishesh Handa gave talk on Introduction to Qt. He talked about various features available in Qt and showed some demo too. Participants were so interactive that this session was extended till lunch break and we postponed next talk to tomorrow which was supposed to be given by Shantanu Tushar.

Post lunch, there was workshop on Qt apps. Almost 300 people were there for this workshop. Most of the people have brought their own laptop. All of us helped them in installing Qt SDK. Workshop went  so well and all of them were able to follow it. All of us were running here and there to fix errors and issues if encountered by participants during workshop 😀

Later, Vishesh Handa took one session on version control mainly git. People were so smart here too and asked so many questions.

Post lunch, one more session was taken by Pradeepto Bhattacharya for around 50 people who came from Bardoli . These people were going back from conference due to some reasons like not able to follow first half day talk, hesitated in asking questions in crowd, language problem and many more reason. Pradeepto noticed and talked to all of them and tried to understand their problems. At the end, they promised to come tomorrow and we promised to take separate session for them in college lab.

In evening we planned to celebrate KDE 4.10 release party 😀 Awesome cake was arranged by Yash Shah and volunteer. It was so kool celebrating release party together.

Day 2 (24th Feb 2013)

I, Aditya Bhatt, Jigar Raisinghani, Yash Shah and some more (forgot name) of us went to lab to take sessions for Bardoli students. Aditya showed first kool KDE desktop and then yash talked his experience with KDE. All of them responded so well and asked questions without hesitating. After making them comfortable with KDE, we demoed them how to make Qt apps and told them to do same too.  At the end of this session, all of them were confident and inspired too.

Parallel to this session, in Main Hall talk was going on  Our Plasma workspaces – desktop, tablet etc by Shantanu Tushar , Contributing to KDE EduSuite by Rishab Arora and Understanding Nepomuk – Semantic Data by Vishesh Handa.

Post lunch, there was Workshop on hacking on KDE apps (opted rekonq). Initially, we faced little problem due to slow internet connection, after sometime this issue was fixed. People learnt to compile and build rekonq source. They played around source code and done changes in code.

At the end of Day 2, all participants got participation certificate. Many participants who asked questions got kool KDE t-shirts too 😀

This meetup was so awesome, we all had lot of fun helping them. We were able to motivate and inspire so many people from this KDE meetup.

Thanks to all who were there and participated actively in it.

More snaps are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/49657487@N07/sets/72157632863576726/