Plasma Media Center update after Akademy 2012

Hi! I am back with Plasma Media Center current status  😀 . It took me little more time to give updates due to migration from College to Office life 🙂

Various small improvements have been done according to suggestion from Akademy 2012 PMC BoF and new features has been added.

1. New Plasma Media Center home screen
2. Add media to Playlist. This option is obtained by holding mouse on media for small time.
3. Cover fetching of available music files.
4. Picture Slideshow
5. Flickr plugin in which user can search pictures by adding text into search box

6. Picasa plugin to view pictures available in user Picasa account ( Not fully completed)
7. Support for external devices by adding places

I am so happy that we got a new contributor for PMC, Fabian Riethmayer . I hope, more people will join and contribute in PMC by giving suggestion, feedback, code etc.

Don’t forget to give it a try. Need help? look into my previous blogs 🙂

Thanks to all and Cheers!


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