What Next In Plasma Media Center?

Hello to all !

Just giving updates of my GSoC project (Plasma Media Center) that I have done yet. Initially, I read the QML docmentation which is required to write GUI of MediaCenter. In between I tried to understand the existing architecture of MediaCenter and I had the IRC meeting with with my mentor (Marco Martin together with
others). After discussion we came to conclusion that what initially we should do to start with.

According to suggetsion, first I have written a simple QML plasmoid which improved my understanding in QML. First Plasmoid I have written is mediacontroller which will control (play/pause,etc) the playing music and videos. Currently, my created plasmoid has different control buttons with no any interaction. Snapshot of plasmoid

Second, I have written a DataEngine name org.kde.mediacentercontrol using C++ (consisting of fake data as of now) with keys: state (playing), position, MediaType, Url. Snapshot of DataEngin

Next step will be to write associated services so that read and write operation can be done on data. After completion, will move to write other plasmoids which is required for MediaCenter. Will keep updating after completion of certain part of my work. Keep reading my blog and finally will get a working MediaCenter for KDE smiley

Any suggestion regarding Plasma Media center will be most welcome smiley


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