Status Update: Plasma MediaCenter

Hi everybody !

Sorry for writing blog after long time. Some details of what so far have been done in Plasma Media Center for which people are waiting smiley

Now, We have a dataengine named mediacentercontrol which updates and provides data to all applets which are connected through it e.g mediacontroller, mediaplayer, etc. There is a containment(Plasma Mediacenter Shell)  written in qml (thanks to my mentor Marco Martin) which holds all applet within at specified position and dimension. Snapshot of Plasma Mediacenter Shell

mediacontroller applet consists of different icons(play/pause, stop, seek), through which user can control the playing media.

mediaplayer applet which does the actual play, pause, seek, etc action requested by the user. Now only music and be played. As soon as Harald Sitter completes his work in phonon to play video using qml, will implement it in mediacenter.

mediabrowser applet which consists of three different mode i.e videos, music, pictures(now only music mode works and have to rewrite into qml). User can browse through the filesystem and can select the desired file. Snapshot showing browsing through the filesystem and at the sametime mediaplayer is playing music showing its progress in the slider.

Will try to complete Plasma Mediacenter as soon as possiblecheeky

Any suggestion regarding Plasma Mediacenter will be really useful to make it bettersmiley


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