Plasma Media Center 1.1 Beta Release

We are happy to announce the 1.1 Beta release for Plasma Media Center (PMC). The first release of the software received a lot of appreciation and feedback, some of which have been implemented in this release. If you find yourself using your computer (a laptop, a tablet, or a computer connected to a big display) for listening to music or watching your favorite videos and photos, you should definitely try PMC ūüôā

New Features

  • ¬†Complete keyboard/remote-like keys support
The first version of PMC had key navigation support in it, but it behaved weird at times. This was due to the way we were handling the different UI elements. This has now been changed to the standard PageStack way of putting UI pages on the current view, this made the keyboard navigation consistent.
  • ¬†Better keyboard navigation for All Music mode
Unlike the other media modes in PMC, the All Music mode doesn’t share common components for browing music etc. For this reason, the keyboard navigation wasn’t able to take advantage of the common key bindings. Now, the All Music mode has its dedicated keyboard navigation workflow.
  • ¬†More details in playlist
The playlist used to show only the media name in the list and that was it. In 1.1, we show the media title, artist and duration for each item.
  • ¬†Youtube option to search for and watch videos from Youtube
You can now search for your favorite YouTube videos and watch them directly from your mediacenter.
  • Ability to associate PMC with music and videos
  • ¬†Drag and drop support for removing and rearranging media from playlist
  • ¬†Playlist shuffling
  • Dimming Videos when not viewed directly
  • Places integrated into browsing flow


Major bug fixes

  • Smoother handling of mode changes
  • Keyboard handling for Picasa
  • As a result of storing all the playlist information, the¬† playlist populates faster.
  • Way to return to the main media by clicking on Empty Home Screen

Videos and Screenshots

This is a video of PMC 1.1 beta running on a netbook with touch ( taken by Shantanu )


Please follow install to install Plasma Media Center on your machine.


To know more about Plasma Media Center, check out the wiki


Found any bug in PMC or want to have your favourite feature included in future release? file a bug to

Coming Up

Settings screen (and options) for adding media collection for Indexing
Album covers and Artist images for All Music mode
Local File Browser Searching
Folder Preview  in File Browser
Thanks to PMC contributors Akshay, Shantanu  and Sujith for helping in writing this blog post and making 1.1 beta release happen.



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