Plasma Media Center 0.9 rc1 released

I am happy to announce the release of Plasma Media Center 0.9 rc1. This comes after weeks of improvements over testing of PMC 0.9 beta . Various small fixes has been done after beta release in order to make it better. Thanks to the KDE community to make the release happen with their support and valuable feedback. Please refer the beta release for more information.

List of fixes done are:

  1. Let backends have an option of not loading if dependency are not satisfied. Very useful if run in an environment without Plasma Active.
  2. Adding a disable-opengl option so that video can run if OpenGL is not available
  3. Exit PMC when escape key is pressed in welcome screen
  4. Option to show/hide controller
  5. Reset media progress slider value to default when playing of media gets completed
  6. Let the user toggle fullscreen.
  7. Allow user to browse back upto root directory in o    rder to find media in other partition
  8. Search support for media browser


Metadata Music

Search in Metadata Video

Tarball download:
You can download tarball from following link . Checkout README file for help.



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