Now, Plasma Media Center on Desktop as well as Plasma Active!

I know that all of you are excited to know the current status of Plasma Media Center. This blogpost is about various exciting features and improvements. For quick update, scroll to the end of page contains the video of PMC running on plasma Active on an ExoPC.

One of the great news is that PMC is now touch optimized. By seeing the current demand and use of tablets , we thought that it would be great if we make Plasma Media Center running on tablets too. With a discussion in IRC meeting (on #active), I took up the task of making PMC usable with Plasma Active.

Features Added recently:

  1. Option to display All Music, All Pictures, All Videos available in filesystem without browsing it. If the user doesn’t want to browse through the filesystem, he can use these options which show All Music/ Videos/ Pictures available in filesystem together in a single click. This is achieved by using Plasma Active datamodels which in turn use Nepomuk.
  2. Music has been categorised on the basis of Artist, Album, etc. So, now users can listen to their favourite artists songs at one place. Thanks to Vishesh Handa who helped to understand how to use Nepomuk queries.
  3. Now, user can control volume by clicking over volume icon in controller and changing the pop down slider value and seeking now works properly.

To get real feel of how PMC is working now, please watch this video. Enjoy!
But we are not done yet, still lot of work to do (though its progress is little bit slow because only a couple of people are working on it). So, please give your precious feedback to improve it and to make Plasma Media Center rock.

Cheers! 🙂


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