Current Status of Plasma Media Center

Hi to all !
Happy to tell that Plasma Media Center has been improved a lot and have basic functionalities which is required in a mediacenter i.e Picture, Music and Video.

First of all when user open MediaCenter then welcome screen gets opened in full-screen (required) modes i.e picture, Music and Video. User can enter into any of these mode by clicking on the icons.

Screenshot of welcome screen is:

Suppose, User clicks on MusicBrowsing, now user can browse through his local filesystem and can play the selected song he wants and can continue browsing by using back button which is at top-left side of screen. At the bottom, in mediaInfoBar applet remaining time of media getting played is displayed.

Screenshot of MusicBrowsing mode is:

Suppose user wants to switch to other mode, then he press back button and reaches back to its home directory. Now after pressing again back button, will reach back to home screen and switches to PictureBrowsing mode. Here, he can browse through the local filesystem and can view the Picture. Directory containig picture will show thumbnail of picture. User can view the picture by clicking on the picture.

Screenshot of pictureBrowsing mode is:


User can also switch to videoBrowsing mode where he can watch the video he wanted to see in full screen mode.

Screenshot of Video getting played in Plasma Media Center:

These are the basic features which has been implemented yet. It still need a lot of improvement to make it more usable and beautiful.

Wiki page of mediacenter has been updated which is present at . It will help people to start contributing in Plamsa Media Center.

To make Plasma Media Center even better, we need your suggestion too. Comment will be really useful smiley



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