Getting my SVN account

I think You have read how my first Patch was committed. After some days when I was dragging one file from Dolphin in KDE to desktop then I was unable to do so. Basic reason was that multiple windows were opened and while dragging there was no option to minimize all opened window.

So, I thought why not I should add this feature in KDE? There is a widget in plasma named ShowDesktop, after clicking on it all opened window will be minimized. Then, I thought to add same feature in it while anything is dragged and hovered over this widget. Then, I found it’s Source Code in Trunk(you can modify Source Code in Trunk which is unstable version of Kubuntu). After that, I red the Qt-Documentation. I came to know about QTimer. I used it’s function. It took me five days to do. Finally, I got the desired result.

I submitted the Patch. I got very good response on it. They also suggested similar kind of feature in ShowDashBoard. I was feeling happy to do it. In two days I did it. My classes was also going on that time, but I was very much eager to finish them soon. That’s why I did it as soon as possible.

You can see those committed Patches on link and

Further, On IRC , people suggested me to apply for SVN account. With their help I applied for it. You know, I got my SVN account within 2 days. Really, I am so much happy.

I will continue contributing in KDE always. It’s really give me lots of satisfaction and happiness….


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