Getting my SVN account

I think You have read how my first Patch was committed. After some days when I was dragging one file from Dolphin in KDE to desktop then I was unable to do so. Basic reason was that multiple windows were opened and while dragging there was no option to minimize all opened window.

So, I thought why not I should add this feature in KDE? There is a widget in plasma named ShowDesktop, after clicking on it all opened window will be minimized. Then, I thought to add same feature in it while anything is dragged and hovered over this widget. Then, I found it’s Source Code in Trunk(you can modify Source Code in Trunk which is unstable version of Kubuntu). After that, I red the Qt-Documentation. I came to know about QTimer. I used it’s function. It took me five days to do. Finally, I got the desired result.

I submitted the Patch. I got very good response on it. They also suggested similar kind of feature in ShowDashBoard. I was feeling happy to do it. In two days I did it. My classes was also going on that time, but I was very much eager to finish them soon. That’s why I did it as soon as possible.

You can see those committed Patches on link and

Further, On IRC , people suggested me to apply for SVN account. With their help I applied for it. You know, I got my SVN account within 2 days. Really, I am so much happy.

I will continue contributing in KDE always. It’s really give me lots of satisfaction and happiness….


Working As KDE-Developer

First time I was doing something to change in source code of a Program. I got something missing in “Filewatcher” widget. It was the Plasma ToolTip view which it should show when mouse is hovered over that particular widget. That time it was showing in traditional Qt style which is not recommended in Plasma.

So, Now I got a chance to do something in KDE. I know it was not a big thing for other developers but for a person who is doing first time anything in it, it’s a big achievement for him. I started searching and understanding in other similar widget’s source code where I found similar feature. Once, I also asked on IRC channel in “#kde-in” for some help.

Then, I came to know about “ToolTipManager”. I tried it for two days and finally next day in morning , I got the result. It was really unexpected for me. I was so much happy after that. Then, I have to submit it on “reviewboard”. I was totally new to that. My friend Shantanu who is already a very good KDE-Developer, he told me to ask on IRC channel as he was busy that time. I asked on IRC channel. Really, they are very helpful. I followed their instruction and finally, I was able to submit my first patch.

You can see it on Then, I got comments from Aaron J. Seigo who is a great person.Further, It was committed by Shantanu. Special, thanks to him as he is the person who helped me lot in getting started.